How to replace a broken Honor Band 4/5 wrist band

For many years now I've been a happy user of the Honor Band. In 2019 I bought my first Honor Band 4, two years later, in 2021, I "upgraded" to the Honor Band 5 (which physically looked the same as the predecessor but featured a better battery and display).

Honor Band 5
Honor Band 5

But then something annoying happened: The two little band "holders" broke! Without it, the long end of the wrist band just wiggles around loosely.

The wristband "holders" of the Honor Band 5 broke!
The wristband "holders" of the Honor Band 5 broke!

Is this the end of my Honor Band usage? Do I really have to buy a new smart watch? I personally liked the rather thin layout and tried to avoid getting a larger/wider watch.

Luckily there are replacement parts! From the beginning, the Honor Band products were created to support individual and colourful wristbands. Replacements can be bought at (mostly Asian) online shops, such as Aliexpress, for around $2 plus shipping.

The wristband can be removed on either side of the watch itself.

Remove the wristband of Honor Band 4/5
Remove the wristband of Honor Band 4/5. Image Copyright

The tricky part is to remove the small fastener (seen in step 1 above). The wristband can then be pulled away from the smart watch. A tiny knife or screwdriver can help if the fastener is stuck.

Once taken apart, the different pieces can be seen. And this is actually a good time to clean the watch, too!

Wristband removed from Honor Band 5
Wristband removed from Honor Band 5

Now with the replacement parts ready (and the watch cleaned), time to put the smart watch back together.

Wristband replacement parts for Honor Band 5
Wristband replacement parts for Honor Band 5

Now we simply put the wristband back together, followed by the fasteners.

New wristband for the Honor Band 5 smart watch

And that's it. I am able to use my Honor Band 5 for another few years ;-).

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