Docker Hub stops offering Autobuild image for free

Docker Inc, the company behind the Docker engine (meanwhile known as containerd and donated to the CNCF), announced that its "Docker Hub" service will stop the image autobuild feature for users using the "free" plan.

we wanted to reach out and let you know that from June 18th, 2021 users on the free plan will no longer have access to the Autobuild feature. This means that any of your currently configured Autobuild will fail to run and you will need to upgrade to a Pro or Team account to restore functionality.

Docker, Inc. on June 8th 2021

Docker Hub is the most widely used Docker Image repository (also known as Registry). Many companies but also open soruce developers use Docker Hub as platform to share their "dockerized" applications. With a docker pull command, these images are then downloaded from Docker Hub and run as a Docker / application container.

The Autobuild feature is a very helpful tool to automatically build Docker Images based on a code repository (e.g. hosted on GitHub). It automatically pulls the configured branches (e.g. main) and uses the Dockerfile of that repository to build the image.

Screenshot from Docker Hub Autobuild build rules
Autobuild build rules from Docker Hub

The company also announced that users which are part of the Docker Open Source program, will be able to continue using the Autobuild service for free.

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