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Firefox version 89.0 brings back themes (UI styles)

An interesting new feature is now available in the latest Firefox version 89.0: Themes! Or "User Interface Styles" as some might name it.

When upgrading from a previous version, Firefox greets with a "Say hello to a new Firefox", highlighting the new features:

  • Streamlined toolbar and menus
  • Modern tabs
  • Fresh icons and clearer messages

But even more interestingly, a button "Choose a theme" was added.

Firefox 89 Upgrade Greeting
Firefox restart greeting after update

Firefox 89 now allows to select one of currently four themes:

  • System theme (reading options from the Operating System)
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Alpenglow
Firefox 89 now allows to select a user interface theme
Firefox 89 now allows to select a user interface theme

This theme assistant also shows up when installing Firefox on a new machine.

A click on a theme changes the browser's user interface immediately, but the setting is only kept once the button "Save theme" was clicked.

This "theme feature" however is nothing "new". In older Firefox releases many years ago it was already possible to install themes – which featured a big list of user-created and uploaded themes.

Geeker's Digest seen in Firefox 89 on Windows 10 with Alpenglow theme
Claudio Kuenzler
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