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Maintainers announce the end of Apache Mesos

The Mesos project, an open source Docker container orchestration framework and alternative to other orchestrations such as Kubernetes or Docker Swarm, especially used in Big Data or Data Analysis environments, was voted to put to the graveyard (Attic).

Rancher 1 environment orchestration
Orchestration selection in Rancher 1 allowed to choose Mesos

The community around Mesos, which is a part of the ASF (Apache Software Foundation), has been quiet for a while. Also the number of commits in the Git repository declined sharply, not only in the last months but also years.

Mesos commit graph
Commit history graph of the Mesos repository

According to the rules of the ASF, a project is considered "active" with at least three project members actively committing code. However this is not the case anymore and nobody from the community was willing to jump the (high bar) ASF hurdles to become an active committer. These hurdles are not only based on available time, there are also bureaucratic ones. To become a project committer, new committers need to be voted in, be mentored by existing committers and even "board meetings" with regular reports back to the Apache foundation are required.

the current guidelines we have for adding new committers is a pretty high bar and I don't think any of the current contributors would be immediately eligible to be voted in as committers.

Vinod Kone, Mesos maintainer

In the latest mailing list discussion the community was asked to vote whether to keep Mesos alive (active) or to officially announce the project as dead (attic). Basically almost everyone voted or commented in favour of putting the project to the attic. This therefore is the end of Mesos, at least as an Apache project.

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