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VMware ends open source project Tanzu Community Edition

VMware, the well known software company behind vSphere virtual machines, has decided to put a stop on the open source project "Tanzu Community Edition".

Tanzu Community Edition was a project to manage Kubernetes clusters, comparable to Red Hat's OpenShift and to SUSE's Rancher projects.

VMware Tanzu Dashboard
Tanzu's UI Dashboard – Image courtesy servethehome

According to the changelog of the public repository repository on GitHub, the decision was made on October 20th 2022 in pull request 5486 :

Change in Tanzu's Git repository shows the end of the project
Change in Tanzu's Git repository shows the end of the project

This means that the project along with its repositories will disappear at the end of the year 2022.

VMware shares additional information on the project website:

Acting on insights gained through community engagement over the past year, VMware has decided to offer a free download of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in place of VMware Tanzu Community Edition software and to retire the Tanzu Community Edition open source project.

Most likely this decision was made after seeing a declining interest in Tanzu Community Edition in the past months. An official reason was not given. VMware has now decided to shift focus to "Tanzu Kubernetes Grid" instead. A comparable solution to manage Kubernetes clusters, however not an Open Source project anymore.

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