iPhone X with USB-C on sale at eBay

Remember the times, when the computer and phone industry used the same connectors for general compatibility? No? Of course not, because, if ever, it's been a very long time since.

Apple's flag ship product, the iPhone, is no exclusion of this rule. Apple still pushes their own innovation "Lightning" as single connector to the iPhone, while the rest of the industry seems to (finally) come to a common ground using the USB-C connector.

Apple Lightning connector.
Apple Lightning connector. By randychiu – Flickr: Lightning connector, CC BY 2.0,

This forcibly leads to a lot of adapters, something the Apple users are (painfully) aware of. Wouldn't it be great, if the iPhone just ditched the Lightning connector and switched to USB-C? What a much easier world this would be?

Ken Pillonel, an engineer student from Switzerland, decided to do, what Apple won't do: Technically adjust the iPhone so it works with an USB-C connector. He described the whole process in a video "How the World's First USB-C iPhone was born" on YouTube:

Once he finished this project, Ken open-sourced it.

And now, the very first iPhone X with a USB-C connector, was put on sale by at eBay. The auction finishes today in a few hours from writing this article. The current bid is higher than 90K USD!

iPhone X with USB-C connector on sale at eBay
iPhone X with USB-C connector on sale at eBay

If this is not motivation enough for Apple to understand that their own users would prefer USB-C connectors, I don't know what is.

Claudio Kuenzler
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