BBC News – the newest hacking site (according to Twitter)

Twitter mistakenly flagged the well-known BBC (British Broadcast Channel) as "materials obtained through hacking". A simple link sharing would result in a flagged Tweet:

Twitter flagged links from the BBC on February 24th 2021

Kevin Beaumont, a security researcher at Microsoft, obviously found out somehow about the Twitter flag on the BBC and tweeted a simple link to the BBC's main website with the addition "Guys check out the new hacking site, BBC News".

Twitter uses a special policy for "distribution of hacked materials". This policy is then applied on Tweets pointing to a site which has fallen under that policy. Whether the BBC was reported by a user or a Twitter-internal algorithm decided to flag BBC is unknown.

Not even one hour later, the Tweet of Kevin now appears "back to normal", as all flags were removed by Twitter.

Claudio Kuenzler
Claudio has been writing way over 1000 articles on his own blog since 2008 already. He is fascinated by technology, especially Open Source Software. As a Senior Systems Engineer he has seen and solved a lot of problems - and writes about them.

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